The Indian Trails Bus Tracker is available for free download by passengers.

The app enables passengers to track—in real time—the progress of their daily, scheduled buses along the routes to each bus stop. Developed by Saucon Technologies, the app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones. It updates GPS tracking data every 30 seconds, so users can actually see the buses moving on a map in real time.


Using the App is Easy

1. Download the "Indian Trails Bus Tracker" to your smartphone from the iTunes App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

2. On the first screen of the app, choose “Public Client List,” then hit “Select” to open the main screen.

3. Tap “Departure” to find and select your boarding point from a scrolling list.

4. Tap “Destination” and select it from the scrolling list.

5. Tap "Time" to choose your scheduled departure time.

6. Near the bottom of the screen, select "Trip Status" to see the estimated time of arrival for your bus (usually accurate to within 5 minutes.)

7. At the bottom of the screen, select "Tap to show map" to see the exact position of your bus traveling on the road in real time.

8. Zoom in on the bus to see it moving along the route.

9. To return to the main screen, click the Indian Trails logo in the upper left corner.

10. Tap "Website Link" to visit Indian Trails on the web and find out more about the company’s services.


Notes on How the App Works

  • Only Indian Trails’ origins and destinations are available in the bus tracking app.
  • Tapping the “i” (info) button next to a departure or destination will bring up information about the location. Tapping “Get Directions” will open Apple or Google Maps and provide travel directions as well as GPS coordinates.
  • If you select a time when your bus is not yet in service or has completed its run, Trip Status will report that “At the present time, we are unable to forecast information for this trip.” Likewise, a bus will not show on the map unless it is in service.
  • Passengers who repeatedly take the same trip can use “Save Trip” to store the details and recall them in the future.