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Shuttle transportation service is a great way

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Shuttle transportation service is a great way to get people back and forth between one designated point to another, typically at regular intervals. It sounds simple enough. Event planners use our shuttles to transport patrons from off-site parking areas to concerts, ball games, art fairs, and festivals. Corporate travel planners use shuttles to move large groups from one venue to another during conventions and tradeshows. Wedding parties use shuttles to transport guests from hotel to ceremony to reception and back again. Universities use shuttles to get students around campus. Apartment complexes use them as a value-added convenience for their tenants.

And now, increasingly, savvy retailers use shuttles to bring busloads of shoppers right to their door. 

For events: shuttle transportation means never having to fight event traffic, search for parking, or wait for public transportation. So your guests are relaxed and in good spirits when they arrive at and depart your event. When you hire an Indian Trails shuttle bus, you get one of our luxury motorcoaches (34-, 52-, or 56-passenger capacity) along with a uniformed driver: a touch of class and added value for your guests.

For scheduled runs: Indian Trails is also positioned to partner with shopping centers, superstores, universities, and housing complexes to provide customized shuttle service for shoppers and residents. For example, Wal-Mart—in partnership with Indian Trails—now offers free shuttle service to and from senior facilities, apartment complexes, and community centers in Michigan. Several times a week, an Indian Trails transit shuttle —wrapped in a Wal-Mart logo—picks up customers, delivers them to a local Wal-Mart store to shop, and, a couple of hours later, takes them back home. Not only does the partnership provide an essential community service for people who don’t drive; it also builds customer loyalty, enhances Wal-Mart’s visibility in the community, and boosts sales.

At Western Michigan University, Indian Trails operates Bronco Transit, with frequent daily routes to all points on campus. 

At Michigan State University, the Lodges of East Lansing and Hannah Lofts (large student apartment complexes) use Indian Trails buses to transport residents to and from campus.

If you think your customers would appreciate a shuttle service, give us a call. We can discuss how Indian Trails can help get your customers from here to there . . . and back again.

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