Shuttle transportation service is a great way to get people back and forth between one designated point to another. It may sound simple enough, but there are a lot of factors that go into successfully utilizing a shuttle service, and Indian Trails has the expertise to help a variety of people with their event needs.

  • Event Planners use our shuttles to transport patrons from off-site parking areas to concert venues, professional sports events, art fairs and even festivals. 
  • Corporate travel planners have used our shuttles to move large groups of people from one venue to another during conventions or tradeshows. 
  • Wedding parties use shuttles to make going from the hotel to the ceremony to the reception and back to the hotel easy and worry-free. 
  • Universities use shuttles to get students around campus. 
  • Apartment complexes use shuttles as a value-added convenience to get their tenants to local shops and stores without having to drive themselves. 

In almost every scenario you can think of, utilizing a shuttle service means patrons and guests never have to fight traffic, search for parking or wait for public transportation. This makes everyone more relaxed and in good spirits when they arrive at and depart your event. 

In addition to universities and apartment complexes, Indian Trails can be a valuable partner to shopping centers and superstores to provide customized daily shuttle service for shoppers and residents. This type of service can be on-going, providing your tenants and shoppers with a convenient and reliable way to visit your establishment. 

The shuttle service typically runs from a senior facility, apartment complex or community center, and runs on a fixed schedule so customers can plan their shopping trips accordingly.

You may have seen Indian Trails operating the Bronco Transit at Western Michigan University, or near the Lodges of East Lansing and Hannah Lofts, moving Michigan State University students to and from campus. 

As you can see, there is a variety of ways shuttle services can benefit you in both short term and long term operations. Give us a call to discuss how Indian Trails can help your tenants, customers and students get from here to there and back again. 

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